Important : If you still have your spotter listed as a device in the wink app, this tutorial may explain how to get it working again.

Step 1

Make sure your spotter is showing in the Wink app.

Step 2

Download the Android electric imp or IOS electric imp app.

Step 3

Follow the instructions for the BlinkUp process.

Step 4

I had to repeat step three four times to get a green flashing light.
The electric imp app tries to get data from the your spotter device, but this always failed for me.
However, once the spotter started flashing green, which means your spotter is connected to your network now, it should start updating in the Wink app.


I have absolutely now way of knowing if this will work for your spotter, but I’m happy to have reclaimed a product I enjoyed from a company that didn’t even try to help.

Good luck.

Wink support response :

We are very sorry that we are no longer able to support the Quirky Spotter. The reason that Wink cannot support the Spotter, is that we’ve found it to be too unreliable. This is partly due to the fact that the Quirky Spotter contains an embedded technology called “Electric Imp” (the company makes the chip in the middle which has the LEDs on it that you see when you plug it in). This technology is used to set up the device initially, but it is also required that the device be in constant connection to the Electric Imp servers, which removes a certain amount of reliability and control out of our hands.

This factor, coupled with the actual build quality if the Spotter is what has led us to retire support for the product. As a sensor, it was possible to set up Robots, or predetermined actions that would trigger when the Spotter sensed a change in its environment. Obviously, our customers put their faith in these actions that they would be triggered at the correct times or under the right conditions. Often times, this was not the case. And we are not willing to accept responsibility for a sub-par product that we do not own the rights to, or control manufacturing of.

Since we have no legal obligations to support the Quirky Spotter in the Wink App, we thought it best for our customers’ experience in the long run to discontinue support. The Spotter was a great idea for a product that was simply executed poorly on the part of the manufacturer (Quirky). Hopefully in the future there will be a more reliable multi-purpose sensor on the market, at which time I’m sure we will consider supporting the product.

If you have any questions, concerns, issues, or feedback, feel free to view our FAQ page:, or do not hesitate to respond to this email: or call us at: 1-844-WinkAPP (1-844-946-5277). We’re here Monday through Saturday, from 11 AM to 9 PM Eastern Standard Time. Thanks!